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The Perfect Flashlight

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Powerful Light



Made with Premium LEDs, for the longest lasting and best lighting. Designed to illuminate at a wide angle and far distance at the same time for max visibility. Operating at 800 Lumens, it provides the perfect light every time. With the push of a button, you’ll light the way even in the darkest times. The main LED offers 3 features, High Beam 100% power, Low Beam 50% power, and Strobe operating at 100% power. Capable of selecting the brightness has many benefits, with one click you can dim the light to 50% power, perfect for late night strolls around the campgrounds and just being able to save battery life.


2 Function Sidebar Light

  • 20 Total Bright LEDs
  • 10 Bright White LEDs
  • Perfect for working on your car
  • Blue and Red Emergency Lights
  • 10 LEDs Flash Blue and Red
  • Use the Blue and Red LEDs to signal for help
  • Use it during camping as a nightlight, going to the bathroom or a reading light
  • Offers a wide bright light for when sitting around the table playing cards or eating a meal
  • Perfect lighting for walking through campgrounds
  • #1 go to when the power goes out
flashlight emergency lights red and blue

Unlimited Charging

Built with top-grade Solar Panels, our lights are designed to charge quickly and never have any faults. Charging this light is as simple as setting it out in the sun or quickly plugging it in via the micro USB port. Using the Solar charger you can expect to have a full charge in about 5 hours, using the micro USB port charges faster and will give you a full battery in about 2 hours. Saving you countless amounts of money not having to buy those expensive batteries.Solar charge flashlight

Personal Safety Alarm

A built-in super loud 120dB personal safety alarm. A feature you wouldn’t expect to see in a flashlight, but with this amazing tool there’s no doubt it will scare off attackers, wild animals, and those pesky kids… 4 unique sounds, ranging in pitches for the ultimate horrible noise. Simply press the alarm button and unscrew the built-in compass to scare them all away! Not only is this for your personal safety, but it can help alert others to your location in an emergency.

personal safety alarm flashlight

3000mAh Powerbank

With a built-in 3000mAh Power Bank to power the flashlight and all its features, plus it’s capable of charging your mobile devices Anywhere! Perfect for ensuring that even when you are roughing it out in the woods you’re able to charge your mobile device.powerbank

Your Go-To Tools For The Worst Situations

Seat Belt Cutter

A Sharp Stainless-Steel Seat belt Cutter that can be used to slice right through the toughest of seat belts, ropes and more. A very important tool to have in the event of an emergency. Simply place the seat belt or rope inline with the blade and pull to easily cut and escape.

 flashlight seat belt cutter

Window Hammer

A Tungsten Carbide Window hammer is essential for any emergency situations. According to there are more weather-related vehicle accidents far more deadly than tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. In the event of a wreck or flood, escaping through a window could be your only option. But that’s not an easy task, but with the Tungsten Steel Window breaker, you’re off to safety in a matter of seconds. This is just another reason to store this Flashlight in your car!

window smash

Detachable Compass

A compass will forever and always be a major emergency tool. While there may never be a zombie apocalypse, you could find yourself out in the woods with a dead phone and not know which way is which. But with our attached compass you can ensure you’re always on the right path.

detachable compass

You May Ask “How Durable Is It?”

Running over flashlight image


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