Mag-Pad Magnetic Tool Holder

Gereedschap opbergen waar het hoort.

Hoe vaak bent u niet met iets bezig geweest en ontdekte u 5 minuten later dat u de helft van uw gereedschap kwijt was?

U moet MINDER tijd besteden aan het zoeken naar zoekgeraakt gereedschap en MEER tijd overhouden om aan uw projecten te werken! De Magnetic Pad Gereedschaphouder is het antwoord.

Magnetische pad gereedschapshouder

  • Plak aan om het even welke vorm van de metaaloppervlakte

  • Anti-krassen en onschadelijk voor autolak

  • Compacte Grootte, Geschikt Op te slaan of te Dragen

  • Taaier dan Gemeenschappelijke ABS

  • Eco-Vriendelijk, niet-Giftig

  • Ideaal geschenk & levenslange garantie

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Houdt gereedschap handig dichtbij

De magnetische gereedschapshouder is een magnetische pad die u op metaal kunt bevestigen en die uw gereedschap vasthoudt terwijl u in de garage, onder de motorkap en nog veel meer werkt.

Sterkte - Duurzaamheid - Betrouwbaarheid.

De magnetische gereedschapshouder houdt uw gereedschap waar u het nodig hebt, wanneer u het nodig hebt.

Zacht, flexibel en krasbestendig. Vormt zich om en houdt zich stevig op diverse oppervlakken.

18 sterke magneten

Meerdere magneten magnetiseren het hele oppervlak voor het handig opbergen van gereedschap. De magnetische onderlegger is geschikt voor allerlei metalen gereedschappen tot 3 pond.

Flexible Material

Have a durable vinyl outer shell offering resistance to gasoline, oil, brake fluid, and other common chemicals used in all trades from automotive and marine mechanics to machinists and wood workers.

Light Soft Mag Cover

The mat is light in weight, so you can take anywhere on your car. With a soft, rubberized covering over, the magnetic mat won’t cause damage to surfaces where it stick onto.

cut into small pieces

The Magnetic Pad Tool Holder is made of extremely strong magnets and a soft rubber sponge so it can be cut into pieces without affecting the quality of the magnet.

After cutting out easily to put in pants pocket, shirt pocket or attach to tight spots

wide application

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Can this item withstand high heat if stored under the hood of a vehicle? or will the material melt?

It can withstand heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit before the material begins to be affected. Most engine bays will not have ambient temperatures that high but areas around the exhaust manifold and exhaust piping can exceed 250 degrees. Should work fine as long as you place it away from the obvious heat sources.

Are the magnets neodymium?

They are ferrite magnets that we have manufactured for this purpose with more magnetic force than what is common for this type of magnet.

will this bend and stay in shape?  Yes! ...

This is basically a fabric casing that holds many strong, small, circular magnets. The sheet is capable of rolling, but the magnets themselves are solid and don't bend. So, it will form to the surface it is attracted to (i.e. metal), however it will not stay in that shape.

Would this work to stick on the inside of an old craftsman toolbox? I want to hang tools on the side under the tray so i dont have to dig for tools.  Yes! ...

This magnetic mat is very flexible. It will mold itself to about anything.

Is it free shipping?  Yes! ...

Yes! We offer free shipping on our 'hot deal' (Main Campaign page) with the minimum amount purchased. Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team, at

Do you ship worldwide & how much does shipping cost? Yes!...

Yes - we ship worldwide. We offer all customers free Domestic and International Shipping with tracking. No shipping cost & no sales tax - we want your experience to be simple and efficient - just the way we like it.

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products that are defective or damaged during shipping. Just let us know and we will provide a return address and a replacement or refund as preferred.

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We offer free shipping on our 'limited time hot deal' (Main Campaign page) with the minimum amount purchased. Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team, at



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