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If you only have 2 hands, you need one of these.

"How many times have you tack welded some small pieces and ended up slightly off due to the awkward way you had to fit it up? Well its happens to me. I saw these and gave it a try. WOW it truly is a third hand and not sure how I did without it. For art/craft welding you often have smallish piece hard to fit up, hold in place to get tacked. The weighted tip and magnetic base is well engineered and obviously invested by a welder. This solves many problems."

Premium Welding Adjustable Magnetic Tab Holder

  • Hold & Weld Quicker & Easier

  • Can hold INSANE amount of weight

  • Can work perfectly with Flat, Round, Square Objects. 

  • Highly Flexible & Adjustable 

  • Durable - Premium Stainless Steel

  • Ideal Gift & Lifetime Warranty

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how does it work?

Build, hold, and position steel.

V shape magnetic welding fixture, strong pull force. Hold tabs, or any small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to the substructure. Adjustable Magnetic Welding Clamps V-shape Base V-welding Fixture.

Strength - Durability - Reliability.

Made of stainless steel material, durable and reliable, V shape magnetic welding fixture, strong pull force, hold tabs, or any small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to the substructure. Easy to install and applyand construction industry.

Max. Pull Force 35 lbs

Multiple magnet points can hold all kinds of metal tools up to 10lbs per piece. Perfect for keeping all metal parts such as nuts, bolts, pipes securely and ready to weld.

adjustable angles holder

Flexible design sticks and conforms to ferrous surfaces like fenders keeping tools at close reach. You can stick this mat on all metal surface in any shape, such as car hood, bumper, door, etc. Reduces swearing caused by misplaced or dropped tools and hardwares

wide application

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I've tig welded with magnets before and i understand they can affect the arc while welding. how close can you weld to this before it affects the arc?

You can weld practically touching the base, but use the foot pedal or the torch switch and just give a quick blast for your tack weld. Don'tlet things get too hot or weld for any duration or the magnet will fail. For tacking the ARC will be fine!

What strength are the magnets?

When new the magnets are pretty strong and not damaged by heat . These use a thin wave spring washer in the joint for friction and they do not have much friction. These are for holding small parts in place. I would say the magnets are strong enough for the amount of friction provided. Heat ruins magnet and Strong Hands warns against exposure to temps above 176F. Tack your pieces and get these out of heat zone pronto. 

can it hold a 1 in diameter flashlight with the clip?  Yes! ...

This is basically a fabric casing that holds many strong, small, circular magnets. The sheet is capable of rolling, but the magnets themselves are solid and don't bend. So, it will form to the surface it is attracted to (i.e. metal), however it will not stay in that shape.

Is this fixture used to only hold the item in place? Or is it also used as a place to attach your ground clamp to?  Yes! ...

Only for assisting in holding items in place. This is not a suitable ground clamp. Search for a proper rated magnetic ground clamp.

Do you ship worldwide & how much does shipping cost? Yes!...

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products that are defective or damaged during shipping. Just let us know and we will provide a return address and a replacement or refund as preferred.

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